Les Penn Sardines (Sardine workers’ strike)
Les Penn Sardines (Sardine workers’ strike) Historical, Movies
Age : +12
Breton : Intermediate


The film tells the story of a women sardine workers’ strike in Douarnenez in 1924. A widow is struggling for her son to have a better life than his father, a fisherman who died at sea.

The Douarnenez Penn Sardin already stopped working in 1905 to be paid by the hour, and not by the piece. In 1924, the strikers demand a wage increase.

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From Marc RivièreWith Stefan Moal, Solen Piriou, Manu Mehu, Klervi Rivière, Jisel Ar Gurudeg, Hannah Moal-Morrow, Gwion Korbell, Andrea Ar Gouilh, Corinne Ar Mero, Riwal Kermarreg, Kristof Ar Menn, Gwion Morrys, Goulwena An Henaff, Klet Beyer, Tangi Daniel, Tony Foricheur, Yann-Herle Gourves, Nolwenn Korbell, Jil Penneg, Marion Gwenn, Erell Beloni, Yann-Edern Jourdan
Translation / adaptation : Stefan Moal
Detection : Ludovic Gillet
Artistic direction : Laors Skavenneg
Recording : Jean Mari Ollivier

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