Who are we ?

Welcome to the first on-demand video service in the Breton language

Choose your film and stream it to your television, computer or any device ! Subscription fees help to retribute film-makers and producers as well as running the platform.

We strive to make our service as interactive as possible : viewers stats and comments on social networks help us to determine our editorial line.
For more information, visit the following sections : How does it work and FAQ.


BreizhVOD was set up in 2012 by Dizale, an organization which has been dubbing  films in Breton since 1998.

This service is designed both for entertainment and as a tool to learn Breton. It offers a wide range of videos,
suitable for various age groups and language skills. Some of these videos are subtitled in French.

Subscribing monthly or yearly to BreizhVOD+ gives unlimited access to each video on the website.

Dizale aims to promote Breton language in broadcasting and is supported by the Regional council of Brittany and the departemental assembly  of Finistère.