Bisclavret (The Werewolf) – Breton-language Cartoon
Bisclavret (The Werewolf) – Breton-language Cartoon Short Animated Movies, Cartoons
Age : +12
Breton : Intermediate


Bisclavret, a baron in Brittany who is well loved by the king, vanishes every week for three full days. No one in his household, not even his wife, knows where he goes. His wife finally begs him to tell her his secret and he explains that he is a werewolf. He also says that while in werewolf form he needs to hide his clothing in a safe place so he can return to human form. The baron’s wife is so shocked by this news that she tries to think of ways she can escape her husband. She does not want to “lie beside him any more”. She conspires with a knight who has loved her for a long time. The following week, the baron’s wife sends the knight to steal her husband’s clothing.

Adaptation into Breton: Tangi Daniel

Students high-school “Lise Felix Le Dantec” in Lannion thanks to their teacher Goulven Morvan
Voice-over: Julia Le Sann
The Lady: Maéva Abernot – Maïlys L’Oléron – Emma Chapelain – Léa Jarrar
Bisclavret: Nathan Foulgoc – Gabriel Rondeau
The King: Lanig Hemeury – Mael Brochen
The Priest: Cheun Bernard

More information
From Emilie Mercier
Translation / adaptation : Tangi Daniel
Detection : Arno Vannier
Artistic direction : Tangi Daniel
Recording : Jean Mari Ollivier