MASHA & MICHKA S01E13 Season 1, Masha and Michka, Animated Series, Cartoons
Breton : Beginner


Hide and Seek – It’s Not for the Frightened Masha wants to play hide and seek, but Michka has better things to do. Knowing that there is no point in going against his will, he agrees to play. Masha hides, like many small children, covering her eyes with her hands. Michka to hide so that Masha looks for him and chooses the most unlikely places. But Masha finds him every time, proving more effective at searching than at hiding.

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From Oleg KouzovkovWith Elia Louboutin, Quentin Morvan, Justine Morvan
Translation / adaptation : Nolwenn Guignard
Detection : Arno Vannier
Artistic direction : Laors Skavenneg
Recording : Jean Mari Ollivier