Cajuns Louisiana, so far so near!

Cajuns Louisiana, so far so near!

Music, Brittany, Around the World, Documentaries
Breton : Intermediate


« Kajuns Louisiana, kar-pell, kar-nes » : Cajuns Louisiana, so far so near!

A film in Breton, French and English (with French subtitles) about the links between Louisiana and Brittany (52 minutes).
Produced by the association Breizh Amerika and Gwengolo Filmoù, this film shows the journey of a band of Breton and American musicians from New Orleans to the Cajun country, from the banks of the Mississippi River to the Wild South. While playing music, we get to know the soul of Louisiana and particularly of Acadiana, the Cajun country, and it appears to be surprisingly close to Brittany’s soul.

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From Yann Rivallain