The Horse of Pride
The Horse of Pride Historical, Movies
Age : +12
Sous-titres : French, Breton
Breton : Advanced


Set in Brittany from 1908–1918, two peasants marry, have a son, and live in traditional Breton ways which is three generations under one roof, a division of labor between the sexes, elders’ stories at night, politics and religion during their little free time. These are difficult times for them Ankou (death) is always a possibility. Pierre (Pêr-Jakez Helias as a child) is born into this provincial family, his lyric childhood interrupted by the outbreak of war and his father’s conscription. He learns his catechism and, as a child of a Reds, also reveres school. His grandfather and father often put him on their shoulders, giving him a ride on the horse of pride.

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From Claude ChabrolWith Yann Vijer, Manu Mehu, Nolwenn Korbell, Jil Penneg, Marion Gwenn
Translation / adaptation : Corinne Ar Mero
Detection : Bernard Penvern
Artistic direction : Laors Skavenneg