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February 2016. Saïf, Tarik and Seve try for the tenth time to cross the Aegean Sea. This time, they will succeed.
One week later, they arrive in Idomeni, on the Greek-Macedonian border. During several months, they will live there in hardship but driven by an unshakeable will: cross the border. It is just over there, close but unreachable beyond two rows of barbed wire.
The lives of those young Yazidis collapsed in August 2014 when Daesh soldiers attacked their village. Since then they have had a single goal: reach Germany and build a new life over there, far from the place where their family and friends were killed.
Will Saïf, Tarik and Seve live their European dream when the states are closing their borders?

A documentary film by Mikaël Baudu.

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From Mikael Baudu