Bevañ e Kebek (Live in Quebec)
Bevañ e Kebek (Live in Quebec) Around the World, Documentaries
Breton : Intermediate


More and more people want to go and live in Quebec. This 26-minute documentary tries to understand why. You will meet around twenty Breton speakers settled in Quebec for various reasons and at different periods.

Students who came to study in Quebec, a family who came to spend one year in Montreal, a couple of physicians and researchers who have been living in Montreal for ten years, a Breton-speaking family who has been living in Quebec for 60 years, and in which the grand-children still speak Breton even if they were born in Quebec, etc.

The interviews explore life in Quebec, the capital city, and in Montreal, the cosmopolitan metropolis, and they try to understand the attraction of this country on Breton people. They also drive a reflection about exodus and about plural, intersecting identities.

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From Mikael Baudu