S01E06 – Mission Miagrou
S01E06 – Mission Miagrou Season 1, Arthur and the Children of the Round Table, Animated Series, Cartoons
Age : +6
Breton : Intermediate


Arthur and the Children of the Round Table

Mordred and his cousins ​​develop a plan to transform Miagrou into a werecat and thus use him against Camelot… But they don’t know that he is already a werecat… Gawain and Guinevere do their best to help them. prevent the potion from being administered… but they won’t succeed without the help of the other apprentice knights.

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From Jean-Luc FrançoisWith Mona Caroff, Tifenn Korr, Tangi Simon, Tangi Merien, Quentin Morvan, Loeiza Beauvir, Justine Morvan, Florian Ebel, Enora De Parscau, Anna Duval-Guennoc, Riwal Kermarreg, Kristof Ar Menn, Klet Beyer, Tangi Daniel, Yann-Herle Gourves, Nolwenn Korbell, Marion Gwenn, Yann-Edern Jourdan
Translation / adaptation : Nolwenn Guignard, Benead Vernon
Detection : Arno Vannier
Artistic direction : Laors Skavenneg
Recording : Jean Mari Ollivier