Daou Vreizhad e Pariz (Two Bretons in Paris)
Daou Vreizhad e Pariz (Two Bretons in Paris) Brittany, Documentaries
Breton : Intermediate


“Daou Vreizhad e Pariz” portrays two Breton-speaking Members of the French Parliament: Paul Molac and Jean-Luc Bleunven. Both of them come from a rural background and the associative sector and were not destined to become professional politicians. However, both of them now dedicate their lives to politics. What are the deep reasons for their commitment?

A documentary directed by Kenan an Habask and Mai Lincoln

Co-produced by Kalanna Production, France Télévisions, Tébéo, Tébésud, TVR

With support from the Région Bretagne and the CNC

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From Mai Lincoln, Kenan an Habask