BOTOÙ-KOAD-DRE-DAN (Electric wooden clogs)
BOTOÙ-KOAD-DRE-DAN (Electric wooden clogs) Brittany, Documentaries
Age : +10
Breton : Intermediate


BOTOÙ-KOAD-DRE-DAN – In the 1970s, a bunch of rural youths from Northern Finistère in Brittany want to change their lives and to change the world. Their parents want them to become doctors, priests or soldiers. They would rather become actors and singers and live and work in their homeland, as goes a popular slogan of those years. In this documentary, you will travel to the land of their utopia and to the origin of a theatre company that recently celebrated their 40th anniversary.

Directed by Réalisé par Soizig Daniellou.

Produced by Kalanna Production.

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From Soizig Daniellou

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