Lammoù Kalon e Palestinia (Heartbeats in Palestine)

Lammoù Kalon e Palestinia (Heartbeats in Palestine)

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Breton : Intermediate


Heartbeats in Palestine

Riwana is a young medical student. With her, we witness a humanitarian mission in Palestine together with two doctors from Brest, Dominique Le Nen and Jean Branellec. The first one is a surgeon, the second one an anaesthetist. Both of them dedicate some weeks of their time twice a year to go and help populations who need it when the international community is looking the other way. This documentary follows them during that mission in Khalil Suleiman hospital in Jenin, near by a Palestinian refugee camp that was rebuilt after having been destroyed by Israeli army in 2002

We also meet Palestinians in their everyday life, their life in that fake peace that has existed for a few years.

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From Mikael Baudu