Kurdistan – Breton subtitles

Kurdistan – Breton subtitles

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Sous-titres : Breton
Breton : Intermediate


A road movie following Gael Le Ny, a photographer and member of the Amitiés Kurdes de Bretagne association.
With him and his friends we discover the struggle of Kurdish people who try to imagine democracy in their country. The travellers start from Diyarbakir, the capital city of Kurdistan in Turkey. Back in 2015, it was still difficult to go forward after the years of war against Turkish army. They discover the poor conditions in which people lived in refugee camps. Then, they get to the frontline where Syrian Kurds fight against Daesh. They meet young men and women who struggle to push barbarism back and to create a new democracy in which everybody are equal, whatever their sex, ethnicity or religion.
That’s what they call the Kurdish Spring.

A film by Mikael Baudu and Stephane Gaouyer, co-produced by Gwengolo Filmoù and France 3.

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