MASHA AND MICHKA S01E08 Season 1, Masha and Michka, Animated Series, Cartoons
Breton : Beginner


Gone Fishing

One day while fishing, the bear is pulled into a river due to a sardine grabbing the Bears sandwich. Masha discovered the bear while reading a book The Bear and the mouse and comes to the rescue in a canoe. The Bears boat crashes sending the Bear flying into the river, but Masha Dives into the water to rescue him. After pulling the bear out, the bear thanks her for her help, however another sardine along with her husband arrive and pulls masha’s fishing rod into the water with Masha hanging on to it prompting the bear to do the Rescue all over again.

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From Oleg KouzovkovWith Elia Louboutin, Quentin Morvan, Justine Morvan
Translation / adaptation : Nolwenn Guignard
Detection : Arno Vannier
Artistic direction : Laors Skavenneg
Recording : Julien Abgrall