How does it work?

To access BreizhVOD, you will need the internet and a computer. 

There are different ways to watch our videos:

- you can rent a video and have unlimited access to it for 48 hours. 

- you can buy a video and download it on your computer. This video will be available on your account. Once downloaded, it will disappear from your account. 

- you can buy a DVD and we will send it via postal service. 

- you can buy a video on a USB key (with the BreizhVOD logo designed on it). 


Subscribing monthly or yearly to BreizhVOD+ gives you unlimited access to each video on the website. 

Concerning the subtitles:

- if you stream a video (rental or subscription), you can click on the small button ("cc") at the bottom right corner of the window once the video is started. You will then be able to choose the subtitles. 

- if you download a video, you can access to the "srt" file to use the subtitles (_fr for French and _bzg for Breton). Then use VLC to open them. 

- if you buy a DVD,the subtitles will be available in the menu.

How to select your video?

Find your videos thanks to the search bar and by browsing our catalogue.

Select your video, the chosen format (streaming, downloading or DVD) and add it to your cart. 


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