Lucky Luke – Daisy Town
Lucky Luke – Daisy Town Long Animated Movies, Cartoons
Sous-titres : French, Breton
Breton : Intermediate


Crossing the plains, a wagon train comes across a solitary daisy growing out of the vast wasteland. The leader of the expedition decides that the rest of their party will set up their new town on the site. In honor of the flower, the citizens name the new homestead, ‘Daisy Town’. However, no sooner is the town finished, then it begins to attract all manner of trouble-makers and desperadoes.

One day, Lucky Luke comes riding into town astride his horse, Jolly Jumper. After taking care of most of the trouble in the saloon, Luke is assailed on his way to find quarters for the night. However, every single outlaw is taken care of by Luke. These actions don’t go unnoticed by the townsfolk. The next morning, The mayor and several more townsfolk go to meet with Luke, asking him if he would accept the position of Sheriff of Daisy Town. Luke replies with one word: “Yep”.


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From René Goscinny, MorrisWith Manu Mehu, Riwal Kermarreg, Kristof Ar Menn, Tangi Daniel, Tony Foricheur, Nolwenn Korbell, Jil Penneg, Marion Gwenn